Tis The Season

green juice

It has been just over 3 months since I left for San Francisco and what an experience it has been! But I have to admit; I’m definitely looking forward to going back home to see friends and family for Christmas. When I left for San Francisco, I also left behind my juicer – something we use religiously in our kitchen! I cannot wait to start juicing fresh fruits and vegetables to recharge over the holiday season! If you are looking for something delicious to keep you healthy and happy over the winter season and want to giving juicing a shot, try out my favourite green juice.

Glowing Green Juice:

2 granny smith apples

1 head of kale

¼ head of parsley

1 large cucumber

5-6 stalks of celery

1 lemon (remove the peel)

1 small slice of ginger

Some Helpful Tips:

  • Make sure to drink the juice within 24hrs of making it because all the crazy healthy enzymes deteriorate after a day
  • Make sure you wash your fruits and vegetables before juicing them and try to buy organic whenever possible
  • Start juicing the leafy vegetables first and then follow with juicing the fruits – this will help to wash all the nutrients through the juicer

I promise you – this juice is sure to be fifty shades of delicious!!



Planting a New Idea

As winter approaches and the leaves begin to change colour, San Francisco is greener than ever! After attending the SF Green Festival and the California Academy of Sciences last month, I saw firsthand how vast the community of environmental businesses and consumers is in this city – it was inspiring to say the least!

However, if you have ever been to a trade show, you know how much stuff gets handed out to you. And let’s be honest, how many of those flyers do you end up throwing away? It can be so wasteful!

With that said, I was impressed with how SWISS, Switzerland’s airline advertised at the California Academy of Sciences (however controversial it was for an airline to be advertising at a green event). This was this first time that I’d ever seen a handout for a campaign be of additional value. SWISS printed its advertisement on seed-embedded paper that when soaked and planted in soil, would sprout wildflowers!

Now that’s smart offline marketing!

photo (2)

From Beach to Bottle

I think most people would agree with me when I say that the worst part of watching a documentary is feeling like there is nothing you can do to stop the harsh reality of a situation.  Earlier this month, I learned that a garbage patch the size of Queensland, Australia – that’s 4 times the size of California! – surrounds an island in the North Pacific Ocean. As you’ll see in the video, the toxic, discarded plastic from our own consumption is killing millions of birds every year.


Along with this video comes a message, a message that some marketers and companies are clearly listening to – create awareness and support eco-friendly products. Now more than ever, customers are given a chance to make a difference with their purchases – however small it may be.

Method, a hand soap and home cleaning manufacturer, is raising awareness about the importance of keeping plastic out of our oceans. Method is packaging its new hand soap in the first bottles to be made with plastic collected from the ocean. How cool is that?! The team at Method set out to Hawaiian beaches and gathered more than a ton of plastic from the ocean to support this initiative.

Using the power of marketing, Method helped make this environmental cause easy for consumers to understand and easy to support.  What a beautifully clever idea!


Happy soap shopping everyone!